After years of an unethical website seizure, darxio.com is finally back under my ownership.

    Ask a Darxio, get answer

    Is this really owned by Darxio?

    HELL YES.  I never wanted to have my site taken from me.  Why would I ever willingly give up my own name?

    So wait, that means you're bringing back the forums for that mecha game...

    Let me stop you right there.  All my good intentions dealing with that game lead to so many headaches... unfortunately I will not be covering anything about that game anytime soon.  My apologies.

    So what are your plans?

    Hell if I know, but I refuse to let anyone own this domain other than myself.  I'll figure out what to do with it eventually.

    What's with the stock photos?

    I am lazy and I only just re-aquired this domain at 12:01 PM.

    I want to ask you something! Where can I contact you?

    Until I decide what I want to do with this site, I won't be putting much contact info on here.  But you can always ask someone who knows me.

    What does MPU stand for?

    I hate you.